Have you ever had the problem where you have a project team made up of different suppliers and there is no single good solution to multi team instant chat? Good news!

Microsoft have recently announced that Teams now supports adding external people into a single team chat

There are limited scenarios where setting up a team chat would not benefit your project. Delivery projects especially benefit, here’s a few reasons why you should set one up today:

  • Expedite resolution of issues – no waiting until a scheduled phone call or report day.
  • Grow relationships and increase real time interaction within the team.
  • Increase our availability and be on hand for our customers. Interactions are more likely to happen through chat compared to picking up the phone.
  • Easy to share files and information.

People can now be added into a Teams chat regardless of which of the following categories they fall into;

  • The team member is inside the hosts o365 organisation.
  • The team member is outside the hosts o365 organisation.
  • The team member does not use o365 at all.

Where team members are not using o365 at all, they simply need to sign up for a Microsoft account with an email address of their choice. Anyone with an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) account can be added as a guest in Teams.
To make this work the owner of the Teams chat needs to do the following;

  • Remind external o365 team members that their administrator should enable Teams their own o365 tenant (if they’re not already using Teams).
  • Ensure your own administrator enables your o365 tenant to allow guests to be added to Teams.

When you add an external user into your Teams chat, Teams will email the guest with a link to join the chat. If the external user does not have the Teams app, they can access Teams via the browser instead.