Improving employee onboarding with custom software.

Employee Onboarding

420 fewer leavers in the first 12 months.
1,250 hours saved by digitising manual processes.
Overall saving of over £6.5 million.


A global retailer approached Leighton with the following problems with their onboarding:

• It was manual. They were spending £31,000 on paper, ink and postage.
• It was time consuming. Preparing induction packs was taking approximately 1,250 hours per year at a cost of £11,250.
• Number of inducted leavers after 12 months was standing at 34%, a monetary cost of £207,667.
• They wanted a solution that could be fully branded and tailored to capture their culture perfectly.

After looking at various solutions it was established off the shelf solutions didn’t suit. They were deemed as “inflexible and un-customisable.”

The Solution

A Leighton custom software team worked on this project with our customer to scope and manage the project the deliver a custom software solution.

Our integrated approach allowed us to really understand our customers needs and create the features they needed to solve their onboarding problems, something they couldn’t get from an off the shelf solution.

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The Impact

We’re pleased to report some very positive results. Our customers onboarding is now:

• Digital; no more paper, ink and postage. That’s a nice saving of £31,000 per year, and much better for the environment ?.
• Efficient; the digital system means there’s no need to prepare hard copy induction packs. That’s 1,250 hours better spent, each year.
• Since using the system there has been 420 fewer leavers in the first 12 months. This has saved over £6.5 million in total.
• Fully branded, unique to their culture and ways of working.

The Customer’s View

“I found the team to be very accommodating, professional, detailed and flexible in their approach. I had good updates throughout. The solution that was produced is excellent, fulfilling the objective completely to have a simple to use, intuitive portal that meets the scope perfectly. To create a welcoming environment where our co-workers, with support from their leaders, are inspired and engaged in their learning offer and feel emotionally connected in their local unit and to our brand, to competently deliver an excellent shopping experience.”

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